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Amanda Dixon, M.Ed.

Amanda Dixon, M.Ed.
Assistant Director

Educational Background

Vanderbilt University
Department of Leadership and Policy Studies
Masters of Organizational Leadership

I earned my undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Miami. While there, I had the opportunity to take an independent research course where I explored my interest in anatomy and physiology of marine life. I was also selected to teach a study group of lower classmen in introductory biology. Both honored and intimidated by my new role as a teacher, I became aware of how important it is to reach students where they are. As a late adolescent and young adult my best teachers and professors were not those who I liked as much as those who were able to reach me intellectually and who helped me to understand concepts, the natural world, things I care about, and my own mind and how I learn.

Prior to being on the startup team at the SSMV, I taught students in K-12 classrooms and home school settings and tutored students in math, science, and reading. Through the AmeriCorps program, I worked with students in under-performing schools in Asheville and rural North Carolina where I also earned that teaching is both a skill and a talent that can be developed with motivation and good mentoring and support.

Through my masters work, I gained skills in higher education, student affairs, program development, and evaluation. Over the years, I have also become educated in sustainability and teaching students about systems thinking, resilience, and solutions and living in our quickly changing world.

I am fortunate to be able to explore and apply the breadth of my interests and skills to my work with SSMV and CSEO (link to CSEO page) students and instructors.







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