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Undergraduate News

Political Science Undergrad Nicholas Ainsworth Wins Research Award

In the Spring of 2019 Political Science undergraduate Nicholas Ainsworth received an award in the Social Sciences division of the Undergraduate Research Fair for his summer research program work. His project, titled “What Determines People's Attitudes Towards Transit? Examining the Impact of Partisanship, Race, and Unequal Development,” explored how people form opinions on transit policies. Among other tools he used data collected in the CSDI-sponsored Vanderbilt University Polls examining Nashville residents’ opinions regarding the cities’ transit policy.  CSDI affiliate Allison Anoll served as his faculty advisor. She designed a curriculum for Ainsworth to learn about conducting research and then guided him through the process of carrying out his project.

Anoll_Ainsworth      Ainsworth_study


Undergraduate Research Fellow Program

In the summer of 2016, CSDI co-director Dave Lewis launched the undergraduate research fellow program designed to support the teaching and training of undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University who have interests in political institutions. By being involved in CSDI's activities, undergraduate students are exposed to the scientific study of politics and are provided with a greater appreciation of the influence of political institutions on contemporary policy debates. Eli Byerly-Duke and Nathan Kiker comprised the inaugural class of CSDI's undergraduate research fellows.