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Gateway NMR 2020 Poster Submission

Gateway Poster Session

Deadline for Poster Abstract Submission is 9/7/2020.

Upload poster no later than September 16

The poster session will be divided into two parts.

1st part – lightning talks: Posters Presenters selected for Lightning talks will be given 2 to 3 minutes to summarize their poster. There will be a host for this session that will help indicate to presenters when they should start and stop.

2nd part – individual presentations: A zoom link will be provided for each individual presenter under his/her poster title in the poster session summary document. Each presenter should click on this link when the poster session begins and wait for people that are interested in discussing their work to enter the zoom room. We will provide the zoom links for you in a summary document with the titles and abstracts of all posters.


Poster Format

Option 1: You can prepare your Poster in the conventional way as a large PDF file and upload it. The file needs to have sufficient resolution so that viewers can zoom in on the file in their browser and still be able to read it, e.g. you would upload the file that you ordinarily would submit for the poster printing (roughly 40-48” wide by 36” tall). Be aware that while looking at such a file during the poster session and individually, you have to browse on an enlarged file, which might be more difficult on some handheld devices.

Option 2: For this virtual Poster Session, we can also accept PPT files, where the context of your poster could be presented on multiple slides. The advantage of a PPT file is a larger flexibility where for examples movies can be included and you browse in-between distinct slides. The maximum of Slides should not exceed 10 pages and they should be organized similarly than the poster, e.g. Title, Abstract, Background, Results, Discussion – Conclusion, Materials – Methods, References (or similar). If you include a video in your slides, please follow these instructions (

All posters will be downloadable. Keep in mind that once they are downloaded, they can be modified by the enduser.

General Information to the Poster Session

Once the data is uploaded, it will be presented in a read only directory. Keep in mind though, that in this electronic format, downloads are possible and screenshots can be taken easily at any given time. DO NOT PRESENT any sensitive data. Make sure that there is a copyright on the presented material.

We intend to make the posters available ONLY TO REGISTERED GATEWAY 2020 PARTICIPANTS so DO NOT share the folder links below with anyone who is not registered for this conference. Registered participants will be able to access the posters in advance, so they can preview them prior to the poster session.

It is recommended that when you present your poster, you use the copy that is on your computer to avoid compatibility and speed issues with your presentation.


How to upload your Poster File


Before uploading your poster please change the filename to

[lastname of presenter] _[institutions_abbreviation]_[two keywords from title].ppt/pptx/pdf.

Example: Voehler_VU_Metabolomics_NMR.pptx


To upload your file follow this link:

Drag and drop your poster into the folder or select Upload > Files and choose the file for your presentation. Your presentation will disappear from this directory within 5 minutes and appear in the accessible folder (see next step – access presentation).


To access the presentations that have been uploaded for Gateway 2020 follow this link:

You can view or download any presentation that is contained within this folder. If you do not want other participants within this conference to be able to download your poster then please let us know and we provide you with a sharing link that prevents poster downloads.

We’ll also provide a download link on the poster abstracts web page, together with the zoom link for the poster.


Archiving Posters

A public repository has been created for posters from this conference on the Open Science Framework. Feel free to upload the posters presented at Gateway 2020 to the following location at the conclusion of the meeting:

If you do not want your poster shared here or if you have any questions regarding the poster session/upload, please let us know.

Dr. Markus Voehler

Dr. Donald Stec