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V-CEM Publications

2019 Publications

*Structures of the AMPA Receptor in Complex with its Auxiliary Subunit Cornichon.  Nakagawa T. Science 2019 Dec

*Bacterial Energetic Requirements for Helicobacter pylori Cag TypeIV secretion system-dependent alterations in gastric epithelial cells.  Lin AS, Dooyema SDR, Frick-Cheng AE< Harvey ML, Suarez G, Loh JT, McDonald WH, McClain MS, Peek Jr RM, Cover TL.  Infection and Immunity 2019 Nov

*Structural Insights into the Transition of Clostridioides difficile Binary Toxin from Prepore to Pore.  Anders DM, Sheedlo MJ, Jensen JL, Lacy DB. Nature Microbiology 2019 Nov

*Dominant Negative MA-CA Fusion Protein is Incorporated into HIV-1 Cores and Inhibits Nuclear Entry of Viral Preintegration Complexes. Anderson-Daniels J, Singh PK, Sowd GA, Li W, Engelman AN, Aiken C. Journal of Virology. 2019 Nov

2018 Publications

* Multifunctional Pan-ebolavirus Antibody Recognizes a Site of Broad Vulnerability on the Ebolavirus Glycoprotein. Gilchuk P, Kuzmina N, Ilinykh PA, Huang K, Gunn BM, Bryan A, Davidson E, Doranz BJ, Turner HL, Fusco ML, Bramble MS, Hoff NA, Binshtein E, Kose N, Flyak AI, Flinko R, Orlandi C, Carnahan R, Parrish EH, Sevy AM, Bombardi RG, Singh PK, Mukadi P, Muyembe-Tamfum JJ, Ohi MD, Saphire EO, Lewis GK, Alter G, Ward AB, Rimoin AW, Bukreyev A, Crowe JE Jr. Immunity. 2018 Jul

* Cryo-EM structure of the cytoplasmic domain of murine transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily C member 6 (TRPC6). Azumaya CM, Sierra-Valdez F, Cordero-Morales JF, Nakagawa T. J Biol Chem. 2018 Jul

* Human antibody recognition of antigenic site IV on Pneumovirus fusion proteins. Mousa JJ, Binshtein E, Human S, Fong RH, Alvarado G, Doranz BJ, Moore ML, Ohi MD, Crowe JE Jr. PLoS Pathog. 2018 Feb

* A neutralizing antibody that blocks delivery of the enzymatic cargo of Clostridium difficile toxin TcdB into host cells. Kroh HK, Chandrasekaran R, Zhang Z, Rosenthal K, Woods R, Jin X, Nyborg AC, Rainey GJ, Warrener P, Melnyk RA, Spiller BW, Lacy DB. J Biol Chem. 2018 Jan


2017 Publications

* Use of a neutralizing antibody helps identify structural features critical for binding of Clostridium difficile toxin TcdA to the host cell surface. Kroh HK, Chandrasekaran R, Rosenthal K, Woods R, Jin X, Ohi MD, Nyborg AC, Rainey GJ, Warrener P, Spiller BW, Lacy DB. J Biol Chem. 2017 Sep

* Peripheral myelin protein 22 alters membrane architecture. Mittendorf KF, Marinko JT, Hampton CM, Ke Z, Hadziselimovic A, Schlebach JP, Law CL, Li J, Wright ER, Sanders CR, Ohi MD. Sci Adv. 2017 Jul

* Epitopes and Mechanism of Action of the Clostridium difficile Toxin A-Neutralizing Anti8body Actoxumab. Hernandez LD, Kroh HK, Hsieh E, Yang X, Beaumont M, Sheth PR, DiNunzio E, Rutherford SA, Ohi MD, Ermakov G, Xiao L, Secore S, Karczewshi J, Racine F, Mayhood T, Fischer P, Sher X, Gupta P, Lacy DB, Therien AG. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2017 Apr

* While the revolution will not be crystallized, biochemistry reigns supreme. Takizawa Y, Binshtein E, Erwin AL, Pyburn TM, Mittendorf KF, Ohi MD. Protein Sci. 2017 Jan