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About the Undergraduate Concentration

Program II of the English Major

Undergraduates may concentrate on developing their creative writing skills while they also acquire a general appreciation of English literature.

Majoring in English with a concentration on Creative Writing requires a total of 30 hours of study including:

1.  English 2200 – Foundations of Literary Study (three credit hours)

2.  12 credit hours of 3000-level creative writing workshops in at least two different genres:

  • nonfiction: English 3210 & 3220
  • fiction: English 3230 & 3240
  • poetry: English 3250 & 3260

(admission to these courses is by consent of the instructor)

3. 3 credit hours in History (literature before 1800)

4. 3 credit hours in Diverse Perspectives (Ethnic American or Anglophone Literature)

5. 9 credit hours from courses above 2000-level (except English 2200) courses that count toward the English major. This may include one additional creative writing workshop (beyond the four required) or one course in another discipline (with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies).

Courses that fulfill the requirements for numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 are described under General Requirements and Advice for Majors and Minors in All English Programs.


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For more information on undergraduate creative writing at Vanderbilt, contact Program Coordinator of Undergraduate Creative Writing Justin Quarry.