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Joshua Moore, MFA ’20, Discusses Nashville’s Freedom Riders on WPLN

Posted by on Friday, June 12, 2020 in Apply, News.

Season 4 of Versify, a WPLN podcast hosted by poet Joshua Moore, debuts next month. Its subject: Nashville’s Freedom Riders. In honor of the freedom rides and sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement held in Nashville 60 years ago, Versify pairs members of the Nashville community who were present at these actions with local writers, such as Destiny Birdsong, MFA ’09, who work to turn their stories into poems.

“It’s still a little too easy for people to look at the sit-ins and the Freedom Rides and say, ‘That’s just black history,'” Moore said in a recent interview with WPLN’s Rachel Iacovone. “But black history is American history. And all of us are indebted to the people who made it possible.”

Listen to the full interview here. Seasons 1-3 of Versify are available for streaming now on any podcast app.

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