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Stationery, Business Cards, Official Templates

Official Vanderbilt stationery is available only from Vanderbilt Printing Services. Stationery templates have been designed to meet the correspondence needs of the Vanderbilt community, and there are templates for notepads, note cards, mailing labels and other items that are frequently requested. An important part of the visual identity for the university, stationery is printed on custom-manufactured paper featuring the logo as a watermark. Vanderbilt's official gold metallic ink is used along with black to create the distinctive line of stationery items. Adherence to the standard stationery system strengthens our brand and saves the university money. Detailed information and guidance about choosing stationery items may be found on the graphic standards site. Stationery may be ordered from Vanderbilt Printing Services. Please note that desktop interpretations of the stationery are prohibited, and outside printers must be licensed to reproduce Vanderbilt's logo. No outside printers are authorized to produce official stationery.