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Just for Fun

They don't call us creative for nothing. Every member of the Creative Services team has an "extracurricular" interest that defines creativity in decidedly non-work ways. Here's a sampling of what we are up to in our spare time.

Steve Green

Photographer Steve Green has played in various bands since his teenage years in Virginia Beach, when he was a Navy brat. Steve continues to play every chance he gets in and around Nashville. Back in 2003 when he was photo coordinator, he was featured in the Vanderbilt View's Last Word column.

Steve Green

The Last Word with Steve Green 

Steve Green, photo coordinator for creative services, is fully aware of his conflicting personality traits. "I'm a Gemini type—shy and outgoing," he says. "I'm really not so outlandish on the inside, but I do tend to get a little show business on the outside."

Spoken like a man who played neo-psychedelic rhythm and blues in New York City's world-famous venue CBGB more than a few dozen times. And one who has been know to engage in the occasional sword fight at Renaissance festivals.

"Mostly because I look good in tights," he says when pressed for the background about his sword fighting expertise.

The musician/photographer/sword fighter met his midlife crisis head on by fulfilling his urge for a red convertible by purchasing a 1977 Volkswagon Beetle whose top won't close. "It has a 30/30 rule going. If I'm moving at 30 miles per hour and you're 30 yards away it looks perfect."

Who could be more insightful than a guy who appreciates not having a window in his office?

"I think I would get distracted if I had more to look at. Heck, I'm easily distracted by things like balls of twine," he says. "It isn't that I don't think about the serious things. It's just more like I'm comic relief. I guess it comes from having been an entertainer so long. That seems like what I'm supposed to do."

Story by Whitney Weeks
Photo by Daniel Dubois
Originally published in The Vanderbilt Register June 16-29, 2003


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