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How to Reach Your Audience

What makes our job fun is working with professionals from a wide variety of offices at this institution, from athletics to admissions, from academic departments to accounting, and everything in between. We get to work with excellent practitioners who really know their stuff but who sometimes struggle to pare down what they know and want to tell about their program--and how to tell it in the context of the Vanderbilt strategic communicaton plan. Figuring out what vehicles to use to tell that story is also a puzzle sometimes. Maybe you just want to whet the appetite of the reader and drive them to your website. Other times you want to refine your message into an attractive and effective print vehicle. Oversight by professional editors, designers, and photographers can be invaluable. We can guide you in developing appropriate materials that reflect the Vanderbilt brand and get your message to the audience you want to reach. Beyond a basic departmental brochure and a website, there are many other communication vehicles to consider including booklets, posters, ads, digital media displays, sponsorships, table tents in dining halls, direct mail, MyVU website,  MyVUMC, signage, billboards, newspaper, radio, e-newsletters, web ads or banners on third party sites, TV and radio announcements, please-post flyers, pole banners on campus streets, VU Calendar, events, program invitations or announcements, even giveaways such as T-shirts, mugs, or pens. Let us help you navigate these options.