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Electronic Publications

Even if you have a small budget or have decided not to physically print and distribute a publication, excellent visual design by professionals is an important element of your content, just like the words and images you choose. We can design and provide you with electronic files of designs that mimic a print piece, in pdf format, for posting on your website, or sending by email as an attachment. In addition, we are happy to provide you with electronic files for various typography and graphics from the designs we do for your printed publications. Those elements can be used in a variety of ways that provide consistency in your overall communications program and strengthen the visual identity of your project or program.

We recognize that your website and your publications complement each other to communicate your message. Publications are evolving and new formats and tools fill in the space between web and print for some. In a sense, publications are three-dimensional “presentations.” If you are one on one with someone, explaining your program or project, you might use photos, verbal descriptions, and print outs of charts and graphs. For use in front of a group you might build a PowerPoint presentation with those elements, converting your verbiage to text and typography. Tablet computers are now teasing us with interesting new presentation possibilities, which combine great features of a printed publication and robust multimedia like videos, slideshows, photo albums, and audio. In this budget conscious era, when print runs are reduced, or important information is conveyed only electronically, we are constantly challenging ourselves to think about how beautiful design can be carried over to electronic versions of print pieces. The iPad and other tablet computers have inspired magazines such as Time, Esquire, and Martha Stewart Living to create robust versions of their print editions. In the magazine industry they call it digital publishing. We are poised to provide electronic versions of your print pieces as rich and beautiful as those magazines. We also create kiosk-style presentations that are companions to a print publication, which can be loaded to a single iPad and used one on one by a presenter, or can be used at a professional meeting or fair. A presenter in a booth at such an event may be talking to one patron, while a second patron can view information about the program on the Ipad, set up as a kiosk. In another context, that same presentation can be projected overhead at a meeting. While these tools are still evolving in the marketplace, and their use at Vanderbilt is regulated by institutional policies, Creative Services is committed to providing state-of-the-art design and application of the latest tools and techniques of sophisticated graphic design.

Here's a story about how we developed Vanderbilt's first iPad magazine: