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Specific Campus Scenarios: Working in Office Environments

Posted by on Thursday, June 11, 2020 in .

If you work in an open environment, be sure to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from any others. Based on CDC employer and ACHA guidance, consider staggering chairs or desks to achieve 6 feet of distance. You should wear a face mask/covering at all times while in a shared workspace/room. You should use your own computer, phone, headset and equipment, and not use colleagues’ equipment.

Based on CDC employer and ACHA guidance, departments should assess open work environments and meeting rooms to institute measures to physically separate and increase distance between employees and other co-workers such as:

  • Placing visual cues such as floor decals, colored tape or signs to indicate where people should stand while waiting
  • Placing one-way directional signage for large open workspaces with multiple through-ways to increase distance between employees moving through the space
  • Removing shared resources (e.g., community pen holders and pens, magazines in main office areas, etc.)

If you work in a personal office, no more than one person should be in the office unless the required six feet of distance can be consistently maintained. If more than one person is in a room, face masks/coverings should be worn at all times.

Face masks/coverings must be worn by every person in a reception/receiving area. Face masks/coverings protocols should be followed at all times.