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Vanderbilt community members with children

Posted by on Thursday, July 16, 2020 in .

The University Working Group on Schools and Childcare has announced that the new Vanderbilt caregivers online forums launched for VU community members to connect and exchange ideas and resources regarding child care solutions and arrangements beyond Vanderbilt’s campus.

There are several forums available including:

  • General Caregivers Forum
  • Metro Nashville Schools
  • Cheatham and Dickson County Schools
  • Robertson County Schools
  • Rutherford County Schools
  • Sumner County Schools
  • Williamson and Dickson County Schools
  • Wilson County Schools
  • Private Schools

Educational and online school-related topics also may be discussed in the forums. The site also has links to family life resources from the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center and free at-home learning resources from Metro Nashville.

The online forums are available at

On July 9, officials from Metro Nashville Public Schools announced their academic year will begin remotely for all MNPS students on Aug. 4, and Williamson County Schools shared their plans to allow families to choose on-campus or remote instruction for their students for the start of the school year. We will continue to closely monitor for announcements from other area school districts and K-12 schools.

We want you to know that we fully recognize the challenges that this news poses for members of the Vanderbilt community with school-aged children, many of whom already have been balancing work and class schedules with homeschooling and/or child care since early March. These families are a significant part of our community: Our data indicates that more than 1,000 Vanderbilt community members have children under the age of 14, and there are more than 1,800 children in total amongst these families.

In addition, please be sure to consider our many existing resources, including the support for remote work and employee engagement recently announced by Human Resources, along with the HR Guide to Supporting Leaders and Staff, which encourages flexibility with staff work schedules. For staff, as always, we encourage you to talk to your supervisor or your HR consultant if you have any questions about your particular situation. For faculty, we encourage you to reach out to your department chair or dean. For students and postdocs, we encourage you to talk with your mentor and dean’s office.