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Undergraduate Students Opting for Remote-Only

Posted by on Thursday, June 11, 2020 in .

During these difficult circumstances, the health, safety and emotional well-being of the Vanderbilt community is at the center of our concerns. Please know that we are here for you, and, if any of Vanderbilt’s resources can be of assistance, we encourage you to draw upon them.

As we look toward an approach that allows us to resume on-campus classes this fall, alternative instruction will be offered to those who are unable to return to campus.


Undergraduates who cannot be on campus due to personal circumstances must have notified Vanderbilt University if they need or prefer solely remote classes. 

Students were able to access the Remote Study Selection application on their landing page in YES beginning June 16. Students must have completed the form by June 26. This allows the university to account for the number of students as it plans significant changes to campus housing and the need for physical distancing in classrooms. If your situation changes, you may return to in-person classes in the spring. Access to on-campus or VU-controlled housing mid-year cannot be guaranteed, but a waitlist will be established. 

The Student Services Fee does not include dining and housing. Housing and Dining are separate, stand-alone fees from each other and the Student Service Fee. Housing will not be charged to a student opting for remote only learning through the Remote Study Selection application in YES. 

The Student Services Fee will be charged to students who are remote-only. The fee includes remote access to services such as Immersion advising sessions, career coaching, the Campus Connection program, mental health counseling (only for students residing in states where remote counseling is allowed by law), student virtual activities, etc.

The First-Year Experience Fee will not be charged to remote-only students. The Commons leadership will still connect remote-only students to virtual activities in each hall, etc. The Residential College Fee will not be charged to remote-only students. The decision to begin the semester enrolled in on-campus instruction will be accompanied by acknowledgement of responsibility for full payment of tuition, housing costs and relevant fees. No refunds will be issued if the need to finish the semester remotely arises.