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Undergraduate Registration Timeline and Schedule Changes

Posted by on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 in .

Though we are returning to on-campus, in-person classes, these classes will look and operate differently from the way they have in the past because of the need for physical distancing, current classroom space, and accommodation for those who cannot come to campus. Each student’s individual curriculum selections may include some evening and weekend classes, a hybrid of virtual/alternative and in-person learning, and other approaches.

To accommodate reduced class capacity and physical distancing measures, many class schedules and timelines will be adjusted.

Incoming first year students and transfer students should have continued to register for fall classes through June 26 using the current fall schedule. This helped capture class demand and inform schedule revisions.

UPDATE AS OF JULY 8: We are currently in the period when the Fall 2020 schedule of classes is being adjusted. Revisions are being made to the fall academic schedule to facilitate the return to campus plan. During this schedule adjustment period, you may see changes in YES to the schedule of classes and your schedule (if you are already registered for the fall semester). As mentioned on the Return to Campus website, each student’s fall schedule may include a hybrid of virtual/alternative and in-person learning, and other approaches. Students will receive notification when the changes to the fall schedule of classes are finalized in late July.

Continuing and incoming undergraduate students will be given the opportunity to make adjustments to their fall schedule. More information about that process is available here:

Later in July, a revised undergraduate fall schedule will be published in YES. Students will be given a registration window and will have the opportunity to review the new schedule options in advance of their registration window.

Open enrollment for undergraduate students will occur from August 10 to August 31.