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Spring reading days

Posted by on Friday, December 4, 2020 in .

To promote our collective well-being, we will designate four new in-class reading days this spring for undergraduate programs and the Graduate School. These periods will take place on Feb. 23-24 and April 7-8, and they will occur in addition to the regular reading days at the final exam period scheduled for the end of the semester. We are also working closely with the deans of our professional degree programs to provide appropriate opportunities in their specific spring activities for their students.  
During the Feb. 23-24 and April 7-8 in-class reading days, Vanderbilt does not intend to hold any extracurricular required programming, and classes will still meet on these in-class reading days. However, these days will offer a change of pace within the semester, an opportunity to reflect and to care for one another. To this end, we have asked faculty teaching undergraduate and Graduate School classes to refrain from scheduling exams or major assignment due dates on these days or immediately following these periods. We are also asking students not to travel outside of the greater Nashville area at any time during the semester, including during any of these reading days.  

Faculty remain the arbiters of how best to conduct their classes and how to structure these days into their educational plans.   

Students are also encouraged to utilize the many mental health resources and campus organizations that offer continuing support.