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Addressing Noncompliance

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Students, faculty, staff and postdocs will be expected to comply with all university policies and protocols designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection and promote the health and safety of the Vanderbilt and Nashville communities. We encourage members of the campus community to report when there are multiple counts of noncompliance or uncooperative behavior.


Student violations of COVID-19 policies and protocols may be referred to the Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity.


The Vanderbilt Faculty Manual provides that faculty may be disciplined for violations of the university’s standards of conduct. The process for reaching a decision to discipline a faculty member is overseen by the dean in consultation with the provost.


The university’s progressive discipline policy states that a staff member can be disciplined for violations of protocols and procedures governing safety. The policy outlines a process for correcting single and repeat episodes of employee failure to comply with rules. Safety violations will be handled under this process.

Public Health AmbassaDores

In an effort to guide the university community in practicing healthy behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vanderbilt has launched the Public Health AmbassaDore program to address questions regarding campus health and safety measures.

The program has been established as an additional resource for the Vanderbilt community to navigate changes on campus. As identified representatives of the university, the Public Health AmbassaDores will help promote social norms to create a safe working and learning environment for all within the Vanderbilt University community. AmbassaDores will model exemplary adherence to all university protocols, serve as peer models and sources of information for individuals on campus, assist with knowledge dissemination and help communicate across specific sub-communities, and more.

The first AmbassaDores selected for the program are VUPS community service officers, and the program will expand prior to the fall semester to include other individuals (e.g., facility/building managers, volunteers among staff, faculty, students).

The Public Health AmbassaDores will receive training, resources, and support to prepare them for the role.

The expectations of a Community PHA are that you are willing to provide community members with masks, sanitizer, or more information as needed about best health practices on campus. This volunteer position is a way for members of the VU Community to have the best available information to keep themselves and this campus healthy and safe.

CDC Website

Oracle Learn PHA Program Training Link

Becoming a Public Health AmbassaDore

You can submit this form yourself with departmental approval or have your department leader or manager submit on your behalf.

Once a form has been submitted you will receive a link to the Oracle Learn training that is mandatory to become a Community PHA.

After the training and quiz has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email that it has been completed.

Finally, a PHA team lead will reach out to you regarding next steps and how to receive PHA supplies.

Thank you for your interest!