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First-Year Student Move-In Details

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We are excited to welcome you to campus this fall and are eagerly planning for your arrival. While we wish that your arrival on campus would look like our traditional move-in weekend, your health, and that of your family, your friends, and the Vanderbilt community are our highest priority.

We are committed to supporting you during this important time of transition to college. In the coming weeks, we will continue to communicate with you regarding important details and processes related to move-in.

The move-in process has been developed in close consultation with health experts at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and our School of Nursing, as well as national, state and local public health officials. The success of this approach will require a joint effort from every member of our community as we work together as One Vanderbilt.

The key features of this year’s move-in process are:

  • Move-in for first-year students will take place during the period August 17–22 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., in one-hour increments.
  • You must schedule a move-in appointment for a specific date and hour during the move-in period; you will have one hour in which to move-in the belongings you bring to campus.
  • You may have only one (1) assistant enter your residence hall when moving in; the assistant may be a family member, a friend, or a hired helper. This assistant cannot be “swapped out” mid move-in; it must be the same person the entire time.
  • When you arrive on campus for your scheduled move-in appointments, you (and your move-in assistant if you have one) will be screened for body temperature and COVID‑19 symptoms before being allowed to move in.
  • Your assistant will be allowed in your residence hall only on the day you move in.
  • You and your assistant will be expected to wear face masks/coverings and to maintain proper social distancing at all times while on campus and in your residence hall (students are not required to wear a face mask/covering while inside their own rooms).
  • We strongly encourage you to bring as few personal belongings as possible for the fall semester. Keep in mind that on-campus classes end November 20 and that you will need to pack all your belongings before you leave campus so that they can be moved to your spring housing assignment. Please do not bring any furniture.

Your Housing Assignment

Your fall semester room assignment will be final and requests to change room assignments will not be considered. Your housing assignment for the spring semester will be announced at a later time.


Maintaining adequate social distancing is a key feature of this year’s move-in process. The process ensures adequate social distancing by regulating the number of students moving in simultaneously. If a date/time you wanted is not available, it is because all of the available appointments for that date/time have already been taken. You will need to select an appointment from the times still available.

All students scheduled to move into campus housing must have a negative result from their pre-arrival test or complete a pre-arrival testing waiver request if the student has been COVID-19-positive (confirmed with a PCR test) in the past three months.

Upon arriving to campus, students and accompanying family members will report first to one of five symptom screening locations, assigned according to the residence that the student is moving into.

  1. The Parking Lot 129 screening location is for all residents of The Ingram Commons Houses.
  2. The Studio Arts/Parking Lot 16 screening location is for Branscomb Quad residents, Carmichael Towers East residents and Alumni Lawn residents, except for Bronson College residents, who will use Parking Lot 298A.
  3. The Parking Lot 18 at Olin Hall screening location is for Highland Quad residents.
  4. The Parking Lot 298A at Blakemore House screening location is for residents of Bronson College, Zeppos College and the Greek houses.
  5. The Kirkland Esplanade screening location is for residents of Warren and Moore colleges.


*Select your residence hall to view route maps.

Carmichael Towers 1
Carmichael Towers 2
Cole Hall
Crawford House
E. Bronson Ingram College
East House
Gillette House
Greek Houses
Hank Ingram House
Lewis House
Lupton House
Mayfield Place
McGill Hall
McTyeire Hall
Memorial House
Moore College
Morgan House
Murray House
Nicholas S. Zeppos College
North House
Scales House
Stambaugh House
Stapleton House
Sutherland House
Tolman Hall
Vaughn House
Warren College
West House

After completing symptom screening, students will be directed for key/Commodore Card (first-year students only) pick-up, and unloading.

Key Pick-Up Locations:

  • Morgan, Lewis and Mayfield: Lewis Front Desk
  • Bronson Ingram College and McGill: E. Bronson Ingram Front Desk
  • Nicholas S. Zeppos College: Zeppos Front Desk
  • Branscomb (Lupton, Scales, Stapleton, Vaughn): Branscomb Front Desk
  • Towers 1 and 2: Towers Front Desk
  • Cole, Tolman and McTyeire: Old Beta House (Located on the corner of 24th South and Vanderbilt Place)
  • Warren and Moore Colleges: Kissam Center Front Desk
  • Ingram Commons Houses: Distributed at symptom screening


  • Both parents are welcome to come bring the student to campus, but in order to reduce the risk of infection by lowering the density in our residential spaces, only one person may enter the buildingIn an effort to keep density in the buildings low and reduce potential spread of COVID-19, we only have a restriction on who/how many people can go into the buildings. Students and their assistant will be screened (symptom and temperature checks) before entering the residence hall and we do not have the capacity to screen additional people in a timely manner.
  • OHARE will have disinfecting wipes for your use to disinfect moving carts. It is your responsibility to disinfect the cart before and after each use.
  • OHARE staff will not be available to help move in items as we try to keep density low in residential spaces; however, staff will be on hand outside to answer questions
  • The one-hour limit for move-in does not include your time picking up items from campus storage. The move-in assistant will be able to assist the student throughout their scheduled move-in day, not just their one hour move in block. The one-hour limit is simply to unload the car and move the car for the next round of students moving in. After the car is moved, the assistant may help student set up room until the end of the day.


First-year Student Late Arrivals: If you experience travel delays, and arrive to campus after 5 p.m. (Monday, Aug. 17 through Wednesday, Aug. 19) or 8 p.m. (Thursday, Aug. 20 through Saturday, Aug. 22), please report directly to the Branscomb lobby front desk. You and your move-in assistant will be symptom screened at Branscomb, and then directed to your designated areas for key pick-up and move-in. Any first-year student arriving on or after Aug. 23 should report to the Branscomb lobby front desk.


As a reminder, for those planning to ship items to campus for move-in, please ship only essential items and make sure packages are insured for the value of the contents. More information can be found on the Mail Services website.

First-year students will pick up their packages in one of three locations according to their residence:

  • The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons: Students residing on The Ingram Commons will pick up their packages at The Commons Center dining room.
  • Carmichael Towers East: Students residing in Carmichael Towers East will pick up their packages on the lower level of the building.
  • Branscomb: Students residing in Branscomb will pick up their packages at the Student Life Center garage located adjacent to Branscomb.

Once move-in is concluded, all packages will be available for pick-up at the Station B Post Office in Rand Hall.


Students will be provided packing supplies near the end of the fall semester. They will pack their items and label their boxes. Over the winter break, Vanderbilt will move students’ belongings to their new assignment. Students will be clustered together and moved in groups so that upon their move to their spring assignment, they will continue to live near students they lived near in the fall.