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COVID-19 Testing: On-campus testing center

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The following information is specific to the on-campus testing center located in the David R. Williams II Recreation and Wellness Center. For additional information on testing, please see the Undergraduate Student Testing on Campus & Recovery page, the Graduate and Professional Students Testing & Recovery page, and the Faculty, Staff and Postdocs Testing & Recovery page.

On-campus testing center

Vanderbilt students participate in COVID testing at the student recreation center.

As part of Vanderbilt University’s periodic on-campus testing program, a testing center has been established in the David R. Williams II Recreation and Wellness Center. Currently, the testing center is open Monday through Saturday by appointment/registration only, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and is used primarily for mandatory, weekly undergraduate testing.

In addition, the university launched an ongoing COVID-19 periodic testing program on August 24 to test select graduate and professional students in various schools, and the periodic testing will continue to expand over the coming weeks to encompass additional on-campus graduate students, professional students, faculty, staff and postdocs. Periodic testing activities may be incorporated into the on-campus testing center operations at a future date, or may be administered through test pick-ups or deliveries. Those selected for periodic testing will be provided instructions on how to complete the testing. We continue to partner with Vault—a national provider of saliva test kits, and the same provider we utilized for pre-arrival and arrival testing of undergraduates—to help us conduct these tests.

Undergraduate weekly testing

Undergraduates will register for a regularly-scheduled testing time block. Though the block covers an hour in time, the test itself should only take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and a student may arrive at any time in the designated hour block for their test. During the designated time block, students will report to the entrance on the northwest side of the Recreation and Wellness Center and should follow posted circulation signage and any instructions from staff. Students must bring their Vanderbilt ID and their cell phone each time to register their test. After arriving, students will be given a test kit at check-in and will be guided by on-site staff to an available testing station. A staff member will supervise the saliva test to ensure it is conducted properly. Upon completion of their test, students will follow circulation plans within the testing center that guide them to a location to drop off their completed test scan their VU ID. After dropping off their test and scanning their VU ID, students will follow circulation plans to exit the building through the rear entrance onto Children’s Way.

Students will be notified of their test results via email, typically with 48 hours. Students who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate as directed until they are deemed to have recovered and are released to return to on-campus activities, including classes.

This testing is mandatory for all undergraduate students who are authorized to be on campus and are engaged in on-campus, in person-activities – whether they live on campus or off campus. By signing the Return to Campus acknowledgment, students agreed to “submit to regular COVID-19 testing if and when VU requires.” Those who refuse to comply with testing requirements will be referred to the Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity.