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Event and Meeting Information

Until further notice, all university-sponsored, non-Athletics events and gatherings are suspended through April 30 (including events sponsored by registered student organizations).

We say “suspended” because there may be decision points, going forward and prior to April 30, at which we could consider holding events and gathering again. Or we may have to extend the time frame for cancellations beyond April 30. We cannot say at this time.

As of today, however, all university-sponsored, non-Athletics events and gatherings through March 30 should be cancelled, and you may have others from March 31 to April 30 that also should be cancelled now to be respectful of the planning needed and participants.

Event organizers are responsible for taking action to cancel their individual events, including communicating with speakers and guests, cancelling room reservations, cancelling catering, and cancelling any other arrangements.

The Division of Communications will post information about this cancellation policy to the University Calendar and will share a blanket announcement separately in MyVU.

Administrative meetings of fewer than 25 faculty and staff (excluding students) may take place but remote options should be provided for participants (Zoom, Skype, etc.). This meeting size is consistent with the guidance of health care experts and professionals and with the policies of many peer institutions.

We also strongly discourage any non-essential large administrative meetings of 25 or more people.

The Center for Teaching is creating a guide on how to create Zoom meetings that will be completed tonight and shared via MyVU tomorrow. 

For any administrative meeting, remind attendees of simple measures to lower risk and prevent spread of viruses, including not shaking hands, practicing social distancing, etc. And, please ensure easy access to handwashing facilities, and make sure alcohol-based sanitizers are readily available to all participants. 

Questions should be submitted through the Coronavirus contact form.