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Campus Signage

Interior and Exterior COVID Signage

Campus buildings and exterior spaces will include signage that should be followed by community members at all times. This includes directional and physical distancing signage signifying flow and where people should stand, as well as informational signage regarding protocols in the Return to Campus plan.  Examples of the signage community members will see on campus are outlined below.

Accessible Route Signage

Accessible route signage

Accessible Route: Sidewalk stickers that signify accessible routes around campus


Left turn arrow

Left turn:
Sidewalk stickers showing when you should turn left.


Right turn arrow

Right turn:
Sidewalk stickers showing when you should turn right.



Sidewalk stickers showing when you should walk counterclockwise to maintain social distancing.

Exterior Signage

Dismount and walk your bike signage

Dismount & Walk:
Sandwich boards and yard signs showing when you should dismount and walk your bike or scooter

General etiquette and protocols


General Etiquette:
Sandwich boards and yard signs showing general etiquette and safety protocols

Lawn etiquette and protocols

Lawn Etiquette:
Sandwich boards and yard signs showing lawn etiquette and safety protocols

6 foot distance signage

6” Distance:
Sidewalk stickers marking 6” distance between two points

One way signage

One Way Only:
Sidewalk stickers and sandwich boards showing one way routes

Entry/Exit Building Signage

Entrance only signage

Entrance Only:
Building signs showing entrances to buildings

Exit only signage

Exit Only:
Building signs showing exits to buildings

 No entry sign

No Entry:
Building signs showing areas where you should NOT enter

Yield to others sign

Sandwich boards and building signs reminding individuals to yield and maintain 6’ distance from others

General Signage

General break space protocols

Break Space Guidelines:
Posters outlining main break space protocols

Disinfection Guidelines:
Posters outlining disinfection protocols for both public and private spaces

Elevator Guidelines:
Posters outlining elevator protocols that will be placed outside and inside elevators

Face mask/covering protocols

Face Mask/Covering Guidelines:
Posters outlining protocols for face masks/coverings

Meeting and conference room protocols

Meeting/Conference Room Guidelines:
Posters outlining meeting and conference room protocols

General guidelines to slow COVID-19 spread

Help Slow the Spread:
Posters reminding the general public how to slow the spread


Signage specific for research spaces on campus can be found on the Research at VU website.