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Community Engagement Collective

The Community Engagement Collective serves as a campus-wide forum to establish shared knowledge, structures, processes and guidelines to inform Vanderbilt’s work in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee communities.

Membership in the collective, which touches nearly all corners of campus, is made up of faculty and staff with some level of administrative or leadership responsibilities for community outreach and programs. The collective is intended to work as a network that will extend practices and learning more broadly across campus and will identify platforms and resource provision methods to support that effort.

Core Objectives:

  • to serve as a working group to build a “Vanderbilt Way” that guides community engagement with an eye toward best practices and evidence-based approaches
  • to offer support, feedback and communication to ensure the strongest impact and best use of Vanderbilt’s resources, offerings and gifts
  • to build connections and communication
  • to establish shared and accessible language, principles and resources

For more information, please email Kristin LaLonde, associate vice chancellor for community engagement in the Division of Government and Community Relations and leader of the Community Engagement Collective.