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Brand Style Guide

Athletics Downloads

The athletics "complete signature" is a single unit of identification, composed of the symbol and wordmark.

Star V Commodores logo

The arrangement of the signatures has been carefully considered and should not be altered in any manner. 

Trademark protection

If you choose to omit the trademark designation ®, please be sure to include the following statement on your publication or website: “Vanderbilt” and the Vanderbilt logo are registered trademarks and service marks of Vanderbilt University.

How to download the logo

Each signature has been provided in two formats which can be downloaded from this site: 

EPS for professional print and web design and publishing applications. For promotional items, including uniforms and T-shirts, this is the version you will need to send to your licensed vendor.

JPEG for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Word or desktop applications.

Methods for downloading art from the Internet can vary depending on platform and browser. In most cases, you can download the file and send it as an attachment by following these steps:

    1. Right click on the filename shown next to the mark to download the corresponding  file – EPS or JPEG.
    2. Click on "Save to disk" or "Save to file" (depends on your computer)
    3. Save the file to your desktop
    4. Send the file as an e-mail attachment