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Marketing Solutions

High End Pre-Press Production

Have you ever noticed the difference between the photos in national magazines and the ones in a newspaper? Many of the shots are more carefully and thoughtfully composed—that's one difference--but professional color adjustments and expert retouching elevates a photo to the professional level of reproduction that you see in high-end publishing. Layout and printing processes have evolved considerably since the late 1990s, making it easier to produce printed projects in a hurry and on a shoestring budget. For a truly polished look, trust the professionals who still take a loupe to printer's proofs to discern whether a fine detail has been executed true to the graphic designer's vision.

Have you ever done a double take on an invitation or brochure, or found yourself lingering over the sheer beauty of a publication? The paper texture, the size or shape, or some other unusual feature may have caught your eye. For special publications, it is essential to have designers who are able to envision out-of-the-ordinary layout and printing techniques with unusual paper, or special folds or die-cuts. Professional finishing techniques such as embossing or foil stamping can be the small detail that knocks the socks off of your reader. When you choose to produce a printed publication as part of your communications program, make it the strongest presentation possible. We are fortunate at Vanderbilt to have staff with the skills that will take your project to the next level. We call it, "Showing you in your best light."