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Brand Style Guide

Why is the brand important?

Since 1873, Vanderbilt University has vigorously pursued its teaching and research mission. Today, as one of America’s leading research universities, Vanderbilt creates and deploys new knowledge, ideas and leaders to bring positive change to the world. Our mission is supported by deeply held values that distinguish our approach and amplify our results. Together, our mission and values are more than words on a page. We live them out every day and you see them in the stories we tell of the incredible faculty, staff, students and alumni that make up our community.

As communicators and marketers, our purpose is to craft and tell these inspiring stories to engage others to participate in and support our shared mission.

Today, we have more ways to share these stories than ever before. With compelling words and visuals as our tools, we explore every avenue to articulate the Vanderbilt story.

This document serves as a blueprint for infusing our mission and values into all of our written and visual communications in a cohesive and powerful way. Consistency in how people experience the Vanderbilt brand conveys a sense of unity and common purpose that is essential in amplifying the story of this singular place.

Some components, like photographs and graphic elements, are meant to have a degree of flexibility. Other portions, like logos and colors, must be more uniform.

By its very nature, any institution of higher learning is dynamic and ever-changing. Likewise, this guide will continue to evolve. If you have questions on how to use this guide or ideas for how to advance it, please contact us.

Thank you for telling Vanderbilt’s story and helping to advance our remarkable mission.

Steve Ertel
Vice Chancellor for Communications