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Brand Style Guide


Vanderbilt’s official fonts have been selected to communicate a brand that is both traditional and modern.

Official Fonts

Please be sure to avoid:

  • condensing, excessively tracking or horizontally scaling fonts;
  • using outline type or type with drop shadows;
  • using more than two fonts in a design.

Primary Serif Font

Primary: EB Garamond
Alternate: Times

EB Garamond is the preferred font for formal print documents such as reports, printed letters, business cards, etc.

Download EB Garamond font

Primary Sans Serif Font

Primary: Source Sans Pro
Alternate: Arial

Source Sans Pro is the preferred font for digital communications including websites and emails.

Download Source Sans Pro font

EB Garamond Font
Source Sans Pro

Secondary Fonts

The following are recommended secondary fonts. These are used to add interest and vibrancy to designs while remaining true to the Vanderbilt brand.

  • Oswald
  • Gotham
  • Raleway
  • Ristretto
  • Tahoma
  • Georgia
  • Impact