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Brand Style Guide

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are a strong visual means of indicating relationships with the brand.


Graphic Standards The Slash

The “V” in the signature is an integral component of the Vanderbilt brand. Using a part of this shape—the diagonal lines (slash) or trapezoid that make up the stroke of the right side of the V—as a design element adds a subtle visual connection to the signature and cohesiveness across designs. Consider your audience and purpose when using the slash element. Using a single shape conveys a sense of quiet clarity—appropriate when communicating detailed information, for instance. Using multiple shapes layered together will add energy and vibrancy.

The slash is a flexible element that adds visual interest and strengthens brand identity. The angle of the line should always slant up from bottom left to upper right, signifying growth and an upward trajectory. The slope should be at an angle between 25 and 55 degrees, which is maintained throughout a single design or a family of communication vehicles. When using the trapezoid shape, the shape should always bleed off the page.

  • Line slants from bottom left to upper right
  • Angle = 25–55 degrees


Graphic Elements the Trapezoid

Graphic Elements the Trapezoid
Graphic Elements the Trapezoid
Graphic Elements the Trapezoid


Icons convey information succinctly and add visual interest to a design. Icons should be clean and simple in design.

  • Preferred styles: “Flat” icons or “line” icons
  • Colors: A simple palette of one to four colors is preferred
  • Avoid 3D icons, photo realistic icons or anything that is overly complicated and distracting

Graphic Elements Icons Graphic Elements Icons