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Brand Engagement and Governance

Office of Brand Engagement and Governance

The Office of Brand Engagement and Governance (OBEG) creates, protects and promotes the Vanderbilt University brand through strategic partnerships and activities that will advance the visibility of the university, safeguard the integrity of the brand, and increase trademark licensing revenue to support the mission of the university.

There are two units in OBEG:

  • Brand Management administers the university’s extensive trademark portfolio and brand guidelines. It oversees internal and external requests for use of Vanderbilt’s trademarks on all products and services while managing the use of Vanderbilt’s trademarks in official contracts of the university. The brand management office is charged with promoting the university in the retail and business markets through strategic programs and partnerships that generates royalties to support Opportunity Vanderbilt.
  • Brand Visibility conducts market research and analysis to assist the division in identifying and implementing strategies through traditional and nontraditional channels that enhance and increase the university’s brand recognition locally and nationally. The office manages external requests for Vanderbilt copyright materials and ensures that the use meets university trademark standards. The brand visibility office also utilizes creative and tactical planning to promote the university brand to internal and external audiences. 

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