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Volunteer registration is OPEN!

Click on the links below to sign up!


Why Volunteer? Maybe because you...

 ...get to be around thousands of people who just achieved a major life milestone. 
...get to help the people who love the graduates - its a family affair!
...get to walk around a national arboretum
...can be a part of something bigger. a lot.
...feel like an important asset, because you are.  




Faculty Map All Vanderbilt University faculty members are invited to attend Commencement activities.

Any faculty attending should contact their school to order their complementary regalia (cap and gown).

For complete instructions click HERE.  Be sure to view the Faculty Procession Map to the left as well. 




You are invited to follow the live Commencement events online at the Vanderbilt homepage. All staff are also invited to attend The Party on Wednesday night. Tickets for The Party are $20 and can be purchased online.

Parking During Commencement

Please help us make as many parking spaces available as possible for our Commencement guests. This year we need your full cooperation and ask that each of you do your part to support this important university event.

  • Zone 3 Parkers
    Please do not park in the 25th Ave. Garage on Friday (Commencement Day). Please use the available Zone 3 surface lots and the “F” lots for this day only. Examples include Lots 27, 22A, 21A, 75A and the 72-series lots near VUPD.
  • Zone 2 Parkers
    Please do not park in the Terrace Place and Wesley Place Garages on Friday. Please use the Zone 1 parking available in Lots 77 and 82 for this day only. 
  • Zone 1 Parkers
    Please be patient with the additional parkers in your area and avoid unnecessary driving.