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A Faculty Director (FD) and two Graduate Fellows (GFs) facilitate much of the scholarly, artistic, and societally-relevant programming of each of Warren and Moore colleges. The FD and GFs ensure that students are an integral part of this learned programming, and leaders on most of it. Head residents (HRs) and other resident advisers (RAs), are led by a single Area Coordinator (AC), and are responsible for community building and resident life policy programming. 

The two areas of programming overlap significantly and all staff throughout College Halls often work in active collaboration.

Faculty and staff affiliates participate in, ideate about, and/or mentor students in College Halls programming. It is one important mechanism that we are implementing for encouraging faculty engagement in Warren and Moore Colleges. We plan similar affiliate programs with graduate students, staff, and alums.

Faculty Directors report to the Dean of Students and the Area Coordinator reports to the Director of Residential Education.

The Area Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the upkeep and repair of College Halls physical spaces, equipment, and appliances.

  • Area Maintenance Supervisor: Bill Gilliam, Moore Office Suite A 101B, 615-322-5602

The Vanderbilt University Police Department, including its Community Service Officers, is responsible for security

  • VUPD: (32)2-2745 and (42)1-1911