Mass Spectrometry Analysts at Vanderbilt University

The CIT team is looking forward to assist our shared resource users with their next research project using innovative mass spectrometry and high-content imaging instruments and analytical tools. We offer many highly flexible metabolomics research applications to our collaborators and look forward to guiding your best analysis fit for your project’s purpose.

In addition, we provide personalized user training for all imaging applications and our Thermo Scientific ArrayScan XTI Live High-Content microscope.

Please also take a minute to review our User Policies for data storage, authorship and center acknowledgement questions.

Mass Spectrometry - New User Information

We request that all metabolomics users set up a meeting with CIT personnel to discuss experimental methods, sample preparation, and data analysis goals and expectations prior to the generation and submission of any samples. A quote for each project will be provided and prices agreed upon prior to any analyses.

If you are located off Vanderbilt campus and need to mail samples, please ship to:

Center for Innovative Technology
7300 Stevenson Center Lane
Nashville, TN 37235

On campus deliveries:

Center for Innovative Technology
PMB 351822
Nashville, TN 37235-1822

High-Content Imaging - New User Information

New ArrayScan HCS users should contact the CIT to set up a consultation and/or training schedule. We use the iLab booking system to reserve time on the ArrayScan HCS platform. Please note that you must be a trained and registered user to reserve the ArrayScan HCS instrument for independent use.

  • Time-block: The ArrayScan platform is available for use in 15 minute increments.
  • Live-Cell Samples: Please make sure you schedule an additional 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your imaging run to allow for sufficient warm-up and equilibration of the environmental chamber.
  • Overtime: If you need extend your booked time slot and the instrument is not already reserved by another user, please adjust your time in iLab or the iLab Kiosk.
  • Late Arrivals: You will be charged for the original time slot reserved, regardless of late arrival.

New User and Sample Submission Forms

Mass Spectrometry

Please visit our Request Services page in iLab to set up a new global omics analysis project.

We recommend reading our biological sample handling and storage guidelines prior to generating samples for analysis.
To submit samples for an existing project, please contact CIT faculty/staff directly. Please note that it is imperative for you to contact CIT faculty/staff via iLab (or give us a call) to discuss your mass spectrometry analysis needs prior to sample submission.

High-Content Imaging

Please download a CIT New User form for high-content screening here and email it to

Once we have established you as a user and discussed your HCS imaging needs, please remember to always complete a plate layout form for every multiwell plate submitted.