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Mass Spec Metabolomics Analysis
Mass Spectrometer at Vanderbilt University

Mass Spectrometry


Please contact CIT faculty/staff via iLab (or give us a call) to discuss your mass spectrometry analysis needs prior to sample submission and to schedule sample analysis. You can greatly accelerate this process by completing our Service and Quote Request in iLab prior to a first meeting.

Our staff have over 30 years of combined experience in the field and look forward to tailoring our flexible metabolomics analysis approaches specifically to your project in order to achieve the highest quality results. Our Center has established protocols in conformance to EPA quality assurance guidelines and we gladly provide tailored approaches for your specific needs.

For a brief overview of available state-of-the-art metabolomics technology at the Center, please visit our Technology and Services hub or take a high-level look at our metabolomics data analysis strategies.

Step 2:

To submit samples for an existing project, or to view our metabolomics sample handling & storage tips, please download our  CIT Sample Submission Form.

Mass Spectrometry Biospecimen Samples

High-Content Imaging

New ArrayScan users should contact the CIT to schedule sample analysis, set up a consultation and/or training schedule. We use the iLab booking system to reserve time on the ArrayScan platform. Please note that you must be a trained and registered user to reserve the ArrayScan.

  • Time Block: The ArrayScan platform is available for use in 15 minute increments.
  • Live-Cell Samples: Please make sure you schedule an additional 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your imaging run to allow for sufficient warm-up and equilibration of the environmental chamber.
  • Overtime: If you need to extend your booked time slot and the instrument is not reserved, please adjust your time through iLab, or record it in the sign in sheet next to the microscope.
  • Late Arrivals: You will be charged for the original time slot reserved, regardless of late arrival.
Confocal High-Content Screening Microscope - Thermo ArrayScan Infinity XTI