Mass Spectrometry Shared Resource Center at Vanderbilt University


How do I request a new VU iLab user account?

Instructions to set up a NEW User Account in iLab can be found here. Please note that VUMC investigators are required to set up a separate account for use of VU shared resource services.

If you have any trouble registering for your iLab account, please contact the iLab team at Vanderbilt ( or Agilent ( for assistance.

Is there a user manual for iLab?

A manual for iLab users is located here.

How do I access the online VU iLab portal?

Once you have established a user account, you may use this link in order to log into C.O.R.E.S. using your VUnet ID.

How can I get assistance with the VU iLab system?

Please contact your department’s iLab administrator, the VU Cores team, or Emma Pacilli at extension 5-8154 if you need help with the iLab system.

  • Training


    Mass Spectrometry

    Currently, mass spectrometry data acquisition is only performed by CIT faculty and staff to ensure the highest quality of data output considering the elaborate quality control and quality assurance procedures in place at the Center.

    While data analysis is generally performed by CIT staff in collaboration with our users (post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, faculty, etc.), Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff can be trained to use the data analysis tools in the CIT. The use of CIT workstations, metabolomics data analysis tools, and CIT staff assistance to train individuals in metabolomics data analyses requires an hourly fee.

    High-Content Screening

    User can also be trained on the ThermoFisher ArrayScan confocal high-content microscope. Please note that training requirements for this microscope can be extensive depending or your prior microscopy and image analysis knowledge as well as assay complexity. User training is considered completed once users are able to fully operate the ArrayScan without CIT staff assistance.

    To minimize downtime, CIT staff can acquire the HCS microscope data for the researcher and/or provide training and support for image analysis. All independent users will be officially trained by CIT staff prior to using the ArrayScan platform. To schedule training please contact the High-Content Screening staff

  • Sample Submission

    Please visit our Request Services page in iLab to set up a new global omics analysis project.

    We recommend reading our biological sample handling and storage guidelines prior to generating samples for analysis.
    To submit samples for an existing project, please contact CIT faculty/staff directly. Please note that it is imperative for you to contact CIT faculty/staff via iLab (or give us a call) to discuss your mass spectrometry analysis needs prior to sample submission.

  • Access

    CIT laboratory and facility access is available to trained users; approved users may book time on the ArrayScan microscope or metabolomics data analysis workstations through iLab.