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Inside the Chronopod

Helsinki Time-Capsule Art-Event: A Conceptual Voyage into the Future from NOW / Kuusiluoto Island, October 4 2003


  1. Chinese image from Eric Nelson (Zhang Huang, Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate, from the Compendium of Diagrams, woodblock-printed book, ink on paper, 26.3 x 15.5 cm, Ming dynasty, Tianqui reign, 1623
  2. Piece of lava cinder, and dried bamboo leave from the Japanese Garden in the Philosophy Department, Graham Parkes, University of Hawaii
  3. Piece of bark from Chris Drury, Lewes
  4. Poem from Annie Relph, Oxford
  5. Now, Now, (Now): Chapter from John Llewelyn, Edinburgh
  6. Essay on Empire by John Protevi, Baton Rouge
  7. A wish for Peace from Anne O'Byrne, New York
  8. Words and painting (Dosso Dossi on Butterflies) from Paul Hills
  9. Gary Snyder, Walt Whitman and Gerard Manley Hopkins: Four Poems
  10. Page of signatures of participants
  11. An empty bottle of champagne plus glasses?
  12. Diagram of the history of the universe, from the Big Bang, with now point.
  13. Saturday paper from Helsinki
  14. One stopped watch - crushed
  15. One clock going strong
  16. Polaroid shot of event and people
  17. Breath Trap, photographic image from Joanna Hallsten
  18. Assessments of the ecological state of the world, of the US, of Finland, especially deforestation.
  19. Sea-shell from Turkey
  20. Image of painting ("A moment of Perfect Balance") by Gina Zavota
  21. Obituary of Edward Said
  22. Commemorative notice for Mary Interlandi (from her grandfather, John Compton).
  23. Art Booklet, Hanna Johannson
  24. Copy of James Hamilton's promise to send something.
  25. Kristian Klockars tiny piece of quartz in memory of his uncle
  26. Lauri Anttila, Art Catalog 2003
  27. Two seasonal images of two benches ["The cycle of the seasons will go on and on and on and on"] from Yrjo Havila and Marketta Seppala
  28. Imagine Peace, Yoko Ono Lennon, from Marketta Seppala, FRAME
  29. Copy of Helsinki "This Week" [ Sept-Oct 2003]
  30. Copy of newspaper with yesterday's football results
  31. This List

Missing from the capsule:

32. One-time-only, 'very volatile' MD sound recording of 'fugitive syncopations' - to hear it is to erase it. By Rob Stone (27.9.03) (Arrived too late.) Documentary image appears on this website only!


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