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Vanderbilt Sitter Service Disclaimer

The Service:

The Vanderbilt Sitter Service (the “Service”) is a free service or portal that will allow individuals from the Vanderbilt Community who have a need for such services or desire to provide sitting services the ability to post their availability or needs to a website or job board for other members of the Vanderbilt Community to view. The goal is that this Service is created for the Vanderbilt Community and that to access this site a potential Client must have a VUNet ID and password.

Those interested in being Sitters will be able to post both the times and days of the week they are available. Clients who have immediate needs or an occasional need for a Sitter will be able to access the Sitter list and contact the Sitter directly if that person’s schedule, skills and abilities meet the Client’s needs. Once a user sees a posting that meets their needs they will then contact the other party directly if they are interested in learning more about availability and qualifications.

Again, the web site is being provided as a service to link members of the Vanderbilt Community. It is the intention of Vanderbilt that only those with a VUnet ID and password will be able to access the site.

The Vanderbilt Child and Family Center (VCFC) will advertise the service and attempt to build a stable of Sitters via campus publications (both student and employee) and email blasts.

After becoming aware of the VCFC advertisement, a potential Sitter can have their availability listed on the website. The Sitter will contact the VCFC and receive an information form that will request the potential Sitter’s name, home address, email address, phone number, availability, and the preference of the age group the Sitter wants to work with. After returning the form to VCFC, Sitters will be listed by first name only on the web site with both phone and email contact information (as specified by the Sitter), hours of availability, and age preferences. Sitters will also be listed by group via the age preference. To have their information posted, Sitters will be required to check on the form that they agree to have this information listed on the web site.

As stated below, VCFC will not be evaluating the potential Sitters for suitability, conducting any type of reference or criminal background check. VCFC will only verify that at the time a student or employee submits their initial information that they are either a current VU student or employee. Once a sufficient number of Sitters have posted their information, the Vanderbilt Sitter Service will be advertised to the Vanderbilt Community in a variety of areas including but not limited to VU publications, on MYVU, and posters across the University, etc.

While VCFC will help facilitate this Service, it will be the sole responsibility of the Client to contact the Sitter(s) directly and it will be the Client’s responsibility to negotiate pay, times of work, check references, and perform a criminal background check if the Client so desires. It will also be the responsibility of the Sitter to perform any reference or other checks on the Client. VCFC makes no representations with regard to the suitability, reliability, skills, character or backgrounds of either the Sitters or the Clients who will ultimately use this Service.

The Vanderbilt Sitter Service reserves the right to refuse a posting by a Sitter or Client. It also can remove a posting at any time in its sole discretion.

In addition to the job posting service, the web site will post from time to time tips for those wishing to provide sitting services and tips for clients looking to hire a sitter.


All user of the Vanderbilt Sitter Service acknowledge that this site acts only as a clearinghouse for the convenience of the Vanderbilt Community. Its function is much like a job board or online bulletin board. Users of this site understand that Vanderbilt makes NO representations of any type as to the qualifications or to the suitability of the Sitters or the Clients who use this site. Additionally, the Vanderbilt Sitter Service has not specifically performed a criminal background check, reference check, or any performance or suitability screening on persons who submit their information to this Service. Furthermore Vanderbilt does not provide any type of training for the Sitters.

Vanderbilt only represents that at the time a person was placed on the Vanderbilt Sitter Service registry for the position of a Sitter, they were either a registered student or employee of Vanderbilt University. To attempt to limit the users of this Service to the Vanderbilt Community, the Service was created so that individual Clients who access the Service must do so via a VUnet ID and password.

As to any arrangements for sitting services between the Sitter and a Client, Sitters acknowledge that they are not performing said sitting service for Vanderbilt University nor as part of their duties as a Vanderbilt University employee. Both parties acknowledge that Sitters are employed solely by the Clients they provide services for.

Vanderbilt University via the Vanderbilt Sitter Service is providing this service as a resource to the Vanderbilt Community.

The Clients and Sitters who post information to this website or use this Service in anyway acknowledge that Vanderbilt University is not responsible for the activities of either the Sitters or Clients and all parties that use this site agree to hold Vanderbilt University, including its employees, officers, directors, and Board of Trust members harmless against any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to the Clients’ or Sitters’ use of the Vanderbilt Sitter Service.