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Vanderbilt Sitter Service

The Sitter Service is a great resource for connecting faculty and staff who need sitter services with Vanderbilt students and employees who are interested in providing care for infants, preschools, school-agers, adults, and pets. The service will allow clients to quickly access in-home sitters while allowing students and employees to earn extra income and enjoy providing care and companionship.

Do You Need a Sitter?

Sitters can be located by logging into the Health & Wellness Information Portal.

Do You Want to Provide Sitting Services?

The Child and Family Center is currently recruiting sitters to be a part of the Vanderbilt Sitter Service. Please complete the Information Request Form if you are interested in being a part of this directory. Contact Alice Shi at 615-322-8076 for more information.

Click below to fully read the disclaimer regarding the sitter service operations which clarify any posting or acceptance of a sitting appointment is between the sitter and the hiring personnel. Vanderbilt does not review, match, nor screen sitters for this availability board.
Vanderbilt Sitter Service Disclaimer