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Back-to-School Transition Tips

Transition times can be difficult for children and parents alike. We’re all creatures of habit and change often brings stress. As the new school year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to begin this school year stress free.

These tips and suggestions can help:

Countdown: Create a coutdown calendar, leading up to the first day of school. Hang it up in the kitchen as a visual reminder, and let your children x out each day to give them a better understanding of the time left before the big day.

Adjust: Spend the last two weeks of summer easing the kids and your family into their new routine. For example, start with serving dinner at the same time you will during the school year and slowly adjust bedtimes by one half hour, every other day.

Go: Take your child to visit the school. Even if you cannot enter the building, walk around and explore. Point out drop off and pick up locations and visit the playground.

Limit electronics: Set daily limits for playing video games and using the computer. The time not spent on electronics should be used to encourage your children in setting a consistent routine of reading each day.

Shop: Start early purchasing school clothes, supplies, etc. Knowing that your child will have everything needed will ease your stress. This will also eliminate the first day scramble for you, and allow you to focus on your child instead of markers and extra socks.

The night before: Think ahead and make sure your evening routine during the school year includes preparation for the next day. Outfits are selected, book bags are packed and placed by the door, and all necessary school forms are signed.

Celebrate the first day: Start a tradition of celebrating the first day of school. It could be a special breakfast, dinner at your child’s favorite restaurant, or a walk around the neighborhood so your child can tell you all about the first day.