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X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

xray lab

The X-Ray Diffraction Laboratories are located in Medical Research Building III and Robinson Research Building. In addition, the lab has membership in the LS-CAT beamline at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. Powder X-ray facilities are located in Stevenson Center 7.

Equipment in Crystallography

2 X-ray generators

Bruker Microstar microfocus rotating-anode equipped with state-of-the-art Proteum CCD detectors mounted on kappa-axis goniometers, as well as a Bruker Bruno sample changing robot.

Oxford Diffraction Xcalibur PX2 Ultra sealed-tube generator with a CCD detector and kappa-axis goniometer. All detectors are equipped with cryostats for cryogenic data collection.

Hamilton Microlab Starlet liquid handling robot to set up crystallization screens and TTP LabTech Mosquito nanoliter dispensing robot to set drops for crystallization experiments.

Crystallization incubators maintained at a variety of temperatures

Two Leica MZ12 microscopes with polarizer/analyzer; one with a CCD camera for photographing crystals.

Leica MZ6 microscope with polarizer/analyzer.

Powder X-Ray Diffraction is available with a Scintag XGEN-4000 with a 2kW Cu anode running at 1.8kW.