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Presentations: Vanderbilt Synthesis

2012-2013 Chemical Synthesis
Community Lecture Series

Those with an interest in chemical synthesis, regardless of application, meet regularly in a lecture/workshop forum to survey contemporary topics. These forums occur approximately once a month in the evening. The first hour is typically a review of the literature in a focused area related to chemical synthesis, followed by a problem session. The latter is normally related to the evening's topic, and is intended to teach new skills or reaffirm existing ones. Participation in the forum is entirely voluntary, and the topic menu is driven by the interests of those who elect to present. If you are a member of the Vanderbilt community, or simply in the Nashville area, join us for our next evening meeting. Of course, light refreshments are provided.

Lecture materials are provided free of charge, however the use of these materials remains subject to ethical guidelines.

You are encouraged to cite this source when using them for educational purposes.

02/15/11 Prasad Polavarapu "Determination of Molecular Stereochemistry Using Chiroptical Spectroscopic Methods"
03/08/11 Gary Sulikowski   "Carbohydrates in Nature: Structure and Synthesis"
03/15/11 Craig Lindsley  "Pubchem & Chemcart: tracking biological data on small molecules"
03/29/11 Stephen Fesik "Cancer Drug Discovery Using Fragment-Based Approaches"
04/26/11 Ahmed Al-Mestarihi (Bachmann Group) "NDP-sugar biosynthesis" PDF
05/17/11 Wellington Pham "Imaging Agents in Biology" PDF
06/07/11 Jeffrey Johnston (TBA) PDF