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Ph.D. Program

Coursework & Research Requirements

First Year

  • Take all four Placement Examinations. Students may qualify to complete specified courses for credit and letter grade by examination
  • Take CHEM 6901 (Introduction to Research) and complete three research group rotations
  • Begin the research-group selection process
  • Complete at least five additional academic quality-point courses of the Course Program
  • Join a research group by April 1* and begin research as soon as possible
  • Attend the graduate research seminars and all other departmental seminars

Second Year

  • Continue research at an accelerated pace
  • Complete coursework (with the possible exception of the third seminar hour)
  • Select members of student Academic and Research Monitoring (ARM) Committee in consultation with research directors
  • Complete the preliminary examination requirement by October 31*
  • Attend the Graduate Research Seminars and participate in all departmental seminars

Third Year

  • Continue research as a major effort
  • Participate in all departmental seminars
  • Select additional members of student Ph.D. committee in consultation with research director
  • Complete the Ph.D. qualifying examination requirement by March 31*

Fourth Year

  • Participate in all departmental seminars
  • Present and defend an Independent Research Proposal and ARM Committee Review at least six months prior to defending dissertation
  • Write and defend dissertation

*Deadlines are approximate and may be staggered to avoid scheduling conflicts. Please confirm your exact deadlines with the department.