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Chemistry faculty recognized by Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology for highly cited articles.

The VICB Highly Cited Articles Award recognizes faculty who have published high impact primary research articles as determined by the number of citations over a two-year period. In the two year period ending December 2013 chemistry faculty Walter Chazin and Jens Meiler were recognized.

Walter Chazin and Eric Skaar for:
Nutrient metal sequestration by calprotectin inhibits bacterial superoxide defense, enhancing neutrophil killing of Staphylococcus aureus, T.E. Kehl-Fie, S. Chitayat, M.I. Hood, S. Damo, N. Restrepo, C. Garcia, K.A. Munro, W.J. Chazin, E.P. Skaar, Cell Host & Microbe, 10, 158-164 (2011).

Heidi Hamm and Jens Meiler for:
Interaction of a G protein with an activated receptor opens the interdomain interface in the alpha subunit, N. Van Eps, A.M. Preninger, N. Alexander, A. Kaya, S. Meier, J. Meiler, H.E. Hamm, W.L. Hubbell, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A., 108, 9420-9424 (2011).