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Dr. Steven Townsend will be joining the Vanderbilt Chemistry Faculty in the summer of 2014. Dr. Townsend's research at Vanderbilt will focus on using synthetic organic chemistry to control the composition of the infant gut flora. Steven returns to Vanderbilt from Columbia University and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where he was a National Cancer Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Pharmacology with Professor Sam Danishefsky. Previously, he was a PhD. student with Professor Gary Sulikowski at Vanderbilt University.

Steven will teach Chemistry 320, Organic Structure, Mechanism, and Reactions, in the fall of 2014. A brief outline of the course is included below.

Chemistry 320 – Organic Structure, Mechanism, and Reactions

Theory, models, and description of chemical bonding. Stereochemistry, and conformational analysis. Reaction thermodynamics, kinetics, and mechanism. Synthetic transformations employed in small molecule synthesis.