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Andrew Harris-Goteborg, Sweden-2010 NSF GRF Award Winner, Receives International Research Supplemental Award Andrew Harris, 2010 NSF GRF Award Winner, Receives International Research Supplemental Award

Andrew Harris’ research, improving fuel cell functionality while decreasing cost by synthesizing nanoparticle alloy catalysts supported on novel carbon supports for application in proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC.), landed him at the Arctic Circle this past winter. Harris, a third year graduate student in Chuck Lukehart’s lab, spent 9 months working with Henrik Grönbeck. in the Chalmers Institute for Technology Competence Center for Catalysis (KCK), a research lab in Goteborg, Sweden.

Harris was awarded a NSF GRF in 2011, his first year of graduate school at Vanderbilt. He then took advantage of the international research opportunity offered as a supplemental award for NSF GRFs, the Nordic Research Opportunity (NRO), which enables Fellows to gain international research experience and establish collaborations with counterparts at Nordic research institutions (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland). This international research opportunity is intended to enrich the GRF experience by exposing Fellows to leading Nordic scientists and institutions, thus enabling them to develop early-career collaborations with European research partners. Results are expected to expand opportunities for innovation and add an international dimension to GRF research projects.

In Sweden, Harris worked on computational research on the binding energies and configurations for metal alloy catalyst particles on carbon supports for use in fuel cells. Their results will be published in a journal in summer, 2013.