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Graduate Program Alumni


Michael Lampley (Harth)
Dissertation: Development and Manipulation of Photoresponsive Polymer Networks Through Light-Mediated Polymerizations
R&D Chemist at Blacklidge Emulsions

Mark Fulton (Lindsley)
Dissertation: Challenges in the Discovery and Optimization of mGlu2/4 Heterodimer Positive Allosteric Modulators and Total Synthesis of Epi- and Pericoannosin A
Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University (Matthew Shair)

Jennifer Benoy (Sulikowski)
Dissertation: Total Synthesis and Biological Significance of Prostaglandin D2 and E2 Metabolites
Postdoctoral Associate at University of Minnesota

Kelly Craft (Townsend)
Dissertation: Human Milk Oligosaccharides as a Defense Against Infectious Disease
Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University

Laken Williams (Harth)
Dissertation: Developing Highly Tunable Polymer-based Networks for Drug Delivery Applications
Product Development Scientist at The Clorox Company (Pleasanton, CA)



James Wepy (Marnett)
Dissertation: Lysoophospholipases as Mediators of Bioactive Lipid Metabolism and Signaling
Senior Scientist at Pfizer, Inc. (Boston, MA)

Dorothy Ackerman (Townsend)
Dissertation: Human Milk Oligosaccharides as a Defense Against Group B Streptococcus
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NIH-NCI (Jeffrey Gildersleeve)

Brett Covington (Bachmann)
Dissertation: Expediting Natural Product Discovery with Mass-Spectrometry based Metabolomic Analyses
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University

Robert Davis (Sulikowski)
Dissertation: Synthesis of Four Diastereomeric Linoleic Triols and Development of a Large Scale Convergent Approach to Apoptolidinone C
Senior Research Scientist at Treehouse Biotech, Denver, CO

Suzanne Batiste (Johnston)
Dissertation: Rapid Synthesis by Rational Design: An Ion-Templated Macrocyclooligomerization-Based Approach to Prepare Collections of Natural Product-Like Cyclodepsipeptides, Leading to the Discovery of a New Antiarrhythmic Small Molecule
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at CalTech (Gregory Fu)

Westley Bauer (Wright)
Dissertation: Development of Platform Technologies and Sample Preparation Methods to Improve Diagnosis of the "Big Three" Infectious Diseases of Poverty
Senior Scientist I at H.B. Fuller (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

James Dodds (McLean)
Dissertation: Investigation of Separation Strategies for Bioanalytical methods: Chromatography, Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Amanda Duran (Meiler)
Dissertation: Improving Membrane Protein Modeling and Design Using Empirical Data    
Protein Engineering Scientist at Cyrus Biotechnology, Seattle, WA

Axel Fischer (Meiler)
Dissertation: In silico prediction of protein structures and ensembles
Software Engineer at Renaissance Technologies LLC                             

Darwin Fu (Meiler)
Dissertation:Improving Protein-Small Molecule Structure Predictions with Ensemble Methods, or Using Computers to Guess How Tiny Things Fit Together
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Vanderbilt University

Michael Goodman (Marnett)
Dissertation: Investigations of the Enzymatic Mechanisms and Inhibition of Prostaglandin E2 Biosynthesis
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of California, Davis

Matthew Knowe  (Johnston)
Dissertation: Enantioselective desymmetrization of carboxylic acids by Bronsted base catalysis
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Vanderbilt University (Ned Porter)
Principal Scientist at StemSynergy (medicinal chemistry)

Katrina Leaptrot  (McLean)
Dissertation: Development of a Spatially Multiplexed Ion Mobility Spectrometer and Utilization of Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry for Conformational Analyses of Lipids and Other Biomolecules
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Bian Li (Meiler)
Dissertation: Structure prediction and variant interpretation of membrane proteins aided by machine learning algorithms
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Yale University

Christine Markwalter (Wright)
Dissertation: Strategies for Improving Diagnosis of Malaria and Schistosomiasis in Low-Resource Settings
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Global Health Institute, Duke University

Thomas Struble (Johnston)
Dissertation: Enantioselective synthesis of carbon-oxygen and carbon-nitrogen bonds using Brønsted acid/base catalysis, investigations of intermediates, and mechanistic insight to stereodivergent catalysis unveiled by DFT.
Postdoctoral Research Associate at MIT (Klavs Jensen)



Nicholas Boyde  (Hanusa)
Dissertation: Synthesis and reactions of sterically encumbered inorganic and organometallic complexes
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Kristin Droege (Armstrong)
Dissertation: The Structural Dynamics of human Lipoxygenases Enzymatic and Regulatory Mechanisms
Staff at Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching

Kelly Gilmore (Harth)
Dissertation: Development of Drug Delivery Vehicles for Biomedical Applications.                             
Principal Chemist at Ecolab, St. Paul, MN

Connor Lamberson (Porter)           
Dissertation: Studies of Lipid Peroxidation, its Link to Human Pathologies, and Isotopic Reinforcement of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as a Strategy to Reduce Oxidative Damage           
Special Agent Forensic Scientist at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Nashville, TN 

Adam Travis  (Cliffel)
Dissertation: Governing the Biological Interactions of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles by Controlling the Composition and Spatial Structure of the Thiolate Shell
Analyst at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Nashville, TN

Alexis Wong (Wright)
Dissertation:Probing the Cellular Uptake of DNA Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles
Scientist I at Ultivue, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)

Anna Bitting (Wright)                         
Dissertation: Strategies to Improve Malaria Diagnostics at the Point of Care by Understanding Protein Behavior and Developing Low-Resource DNA Detection Methods
Environmental Scientist at the Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Laura Engerer (Hanusa)
Dissertation: Investigations of non-covalent bonding: Synthesis aided calculations                             
Postdoctoral Research Associate (teaching) at Valparaiso U

Shane Finn (Macdonald)
Dissertation: The Development of Petaled MoS2 as a Versatile and Sustainable Electrocatalyst for Alternative Energy Technologies.
Chemist II at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Nashville, TN 2017-2018
R&D Chemist at Chemours, New Johnsonville, TN 2018-

Allison Galassie (Link)
Dissertation: Quantitative proteomic analysis of the human immune response following influenza vaccination
Lab scientist at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Atlanta, GA 

Lauren Gibson Toote (Wright)
Dissertation: Development of Sensitive Biomolecule Detection Strategies for Low-Resource Settings
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA

Evan Gizzie (Cliffel)
Dissertation: Enhancing Electron Transfer at the Protein/Electrode Interface: Applications in Bioderived Solar Energy Conversion and Electrochemical Biosensors
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Northwestern University

Jessica Moore (Caprioli)
Dissertation: Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Microbial Pathogenesis: The Effect of Calprotectin on Pathogen-Host Interactions
Research Fellow at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Susan Ramos-Hunter (Sulikowski)
Dissertation: Development of Molecular Tools for the Investigation of G protein-gated Inwardly Rectifying Potassium (GIRK) Channels
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA

Norie Sugitani (Chazin)
Dissertation: Structural and biophysical characterization of the nucleotide excision repair factor XPA
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Michael Turo (Macdonald)
Dissertation: Crystal-Bound Ligands in Nanocrystal Synthesis
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of California, San Diego

Dain Beezer (Harth)
Dissertation: Development of Novel Poly(glycidol) Hydrogels for Applications in Regenerative Medicine and Drug Delivery
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Houston (Harth)

Katherine Chong (Sulikowski)
Dissertation:Studies toward a unified synthesis of apoptolidinone C and glycosylated variants
Scientist at Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA

Jacob Lockhart (Harth)
Dissertation: Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Macromolecular Architectures for Dual Drug Delivery Systems, Biosensors, and Antimicrobial Films
Senior Scientist at INVISTA-Koch Industries, Columbia, SC

Michelle Mitchener (Marnett)
Dissertation: A. Competition and Allostery Govern Substrate Selectivity of Cyclooxygenase-2; B. Enzymatic Oxidation of M1dG in the Genome
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University

Kellie Nance (Lindsley)

Dissertation: Discovery, Optimization, and Validation Efforts Towards Positive Allosteric Modulators of the Glucagon-like Peptide 1 Receptor, Discovery of a Novel Series of Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Noncompetitive Antagonists, and Total Synthesis of Melearoride A
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NIH-NCI (Meier)



Kim Fong (Wright)
Dissertation: Investigations of antimalarial inhibition of hemozoin formation in Plasmodium falciparum

Mary Keithly (Armstrong)
Dissertation:Structure, substrate selectivity, and catalytic mechanism of the fosfomycin resistance enzyme, FosB, from Gram-positive pathogens
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Missouri Southern State University

Sandeepkumar Kothiwale (Meiler)
Dissertation: A novel knowledge based conformation sampling algorithm and its applications in drug discovery            
Data Scientist at Hospital Corporation of America, Nashville, TN

Jose Montenegro Burke (McLean)
Dissertation: Enhanced separations strategies for complex sample characterization using ion mobility-mass spectrometry
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Scripps Research Institute

Dustin Politica (Stone)
Dissertation: Structural Consequences of the C8-Guanine DNA Adduct formed by 3-Nitrobenzanthrone; an Environmental Carcinogen
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching
Currently a Content Developer at MacMillan Learning, Inc.

David Rizzo (Caprioli)
Dissertation: High Mass Accuracy Coupled to Spatially-Directed Proteomics for Improved Protein Identifications in Imaging Mass Spectrometry Experiments
Senior Scientist at AbbVie, North Chicago, IL

Francisco Rodriguez Mena (Mchaourab)
Dissertation: Spectroscopic Study of the Conformational Changes Involved in the Activation of CaMKII
Clinical Research Data Specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Daniel Sprague (Johnston)
Dissertation: Chiral Proton Catalysis: New Applications in Enantioselective Hetero-Diels-Alder Reactions, Amino Acid Synthesis, and Progress Toward the Synthesis of Fluorinated Tetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids
Medical Student at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Brittany Allison (Meiler)
Dissertation: Computational Design of Protein-Ligand Interfaces Using RosettaLigand
Postdoctoral Fellow at Vanderbilt University

Jeremiah Beam (Lukehart)
Dissertation: Confined-Plume Chemical Deposition of Transition Metal Borides and Chalcogenides Initiated by Pulsed, Infrared, Tabletop Lasers
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Saskatchewan

Chad Chumbley (Caprioli)
Dissertation: Absolute Quantitative Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Pharmaceutical Drugs Directly from Biological Specimens
Chemist at the Drug Enforcement Administration

Cody Covington (Polavarapu)
Dissertation: Chiroptical Spectroscopic Studies on Surfactants, Other Aggregating Systems, and Natural Products.
Research Adjunct Faculty at Austin Peay State University

David Crisostomo (Cliffel)
Dissertation: Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Investigations of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles and Shewanella oneidensis
Lecturer at Auburn University

Michael Danneman (Johnston)
Applications of Chiral Amidine Catalysis Towards the Synthesis of Small Molecule Dissertation: Therapeutics and Recent Advances in Vicinal Diamine Synthesis
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Columbia University (T. Rovis)
Currently Discovery Scientist at Moderna Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Nichole Lareau (McLean)
Dissertation: Development of Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry Strategies in Support of Integrated Omics and Systems Biology
Investigator at GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia, PA

Emilianne McCranie Limbrick (Bachmann)
Dissertation: Investigations of Orthosomycin Biosynthesis
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Mercer University, Macon, GA

Marta Wenzler (Sulikowski)
Dissertation: Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Upenamide
Process Research Chemist at Regis Technologies, Morton Grove, IL

Jenny Nesbitt (Wright)
Dissertation: Oceanic inspiration for biomaterial formation - investigations into biomimetic synthesis and characterization of inorganic oxide materials inspired by sea sponges and diatoms
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Havard Medical School

Kenneth Schwieter (Johnston)
Dissertation: Toward On-Demand Peptide Synthesis: Development and Application of Enantioselective Syntheses of Unnatural α-Amino Amides
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
Currently a Product Manager of Emerging Chemical Synthesis at MilliporeSigma, Milwaukee, WI



William Beavers (Marnett)
Dissertation: omega-Alkynyl Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Surrogates to Study Protein Adduction by Endogenously Generated Lipid Electrophiles
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN (Eric Skaar)

Robert Boer (Sulikowski)
Dissertation: Approaches toward the Chemical Synthesis of Novel Arachidonic Acid Metabolites Hemiketal D2 and Hemiketal E2
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NIH-NCI

Cynthia McNees (Bachmann)
Dissertation: New Methods to Induce and Detect Microbial Secondary Metabolite Production
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Kentucky

 Keersten Ricks (Wright)
Dissertation: Development of Rapid Immunoassays for Improved Point-of-Care
National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Frederick, Maryland

Sarah Stow (McLean)
Dissertation: Strategies for Selecting Computational Protocols in Support of Small Molecule Structural Analysis by Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry
Staff Scientist at Agilent Technologies

Toshia Wrenn (Rosenthal)
Dissertation: Synthesis and optimization of quantum dot-based technologies: Solid-state photovoltaics and ferroelectric particles
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Sten Heinze (Meiler)
Dissertation: Improvements for BCL::Fold de novo protein structure prediction
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Ohio State University

Joseph Keene (Rosenthal)
Dissertation: Effects of Surface and Chemical Composition on the Charge Carriers of Alloyed Quantum Dots
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Mercer University

Amy Ng (Rosenthal)
Dissertation: Characterization of Nanocrystal-Based Photovoltaics: Electron Microscopy & Electron Beam-Induced Current via Scanning Electron Microscopy
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC

Jeffrey Niezgoda (Rosenthal)
Dissertation:The Implementation of Quantum Dots in Photovoltaics: From Semiconductor-Plasmon Interactions to Current Visualization
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Virginia
Currently Assistant Professor of Chemistry at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA

Jacek Pecyna (Kaszynski)
Dissertation: Polar and Ionic Liquid Crystals Based On The [Closo-1-CB9H10]– And [Closo-1-CB11H12]–Boron Clusters
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Colorado

Timothy Senter (Lindsley)
Dissertation: A general and stereoselective approach for the construction of nitrogen-containing herterocycles: Applications towards the total synthesis of alkaloid natural products
Postdoctoral Research Associate at MIT (Stephen Buchwald)
Currently a Research Fellow at Vertex, Boston, MA

Matthew Casey (Cliffel)
Dissertation: Investigations of Vanadium Dioxide as a Catalytic Electrode and Support
Technology Analyst – Patents at UT-Southwestern Medical Center

Andrew Harris (Lukehart)
Recent Advances in Chemical Synthesis Methodology of Inorganic Materials and Theoretical Dissertation: Computations of Metal Nanoparticle/Carbon Interfaces
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Amy Millsap (Rizzo)
Dissertation: Translesion Synthesis of N2 and C8-Deoxyguanosine Adducts of the Dietary Mutagen 2-Amino-3-methylimidizo-[4,5-f]-quinoline (IQ): Participation in Observed Mutagenic Spectra
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Environmental Science and Geology at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Noah Orfield (Rosenthal)
Dissertation: Correlation of the Atomic Structure and Photoluminescence of the Same Colloidal Quantum Dot
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Los Alamos National Laboratories
Currently a Policy Fellow at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Nicholas Rightmire (Hanusa)
Dissertation: Investigations into the Mechanochemical Synthesis of Sterically Bulky Allyl Complexes
Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of California, Irvine (W.J. Evans)
Currently a Formulation Chemist at Loadmaster Lubricants, St. Paul. MN

Benjamin Spears (Harth)
Dissertation: Precise Polymer Networks: An Investigation Encompassing Hydrogels, Proteins, and Nanoparticles
Lead Chemist at SeLux Diagnostics, Inc

Brandon Vara (Johnston)
Enantioselective Reaction Development using Chiral Brønsted Acid/Base Organocatalysis and Dissertation: Their Application to Target Molecule Synthesis
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania
Principal Scientist at Merck Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA (medicinal chemistry)

Mariusz Butkiewicz (Meiler)
Dissertation: Advancing Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Strategies in ligand-based Computer-Aided Drug Design
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Case Western Reserve
Currently a Bioinformatics Staff Scientist at Geisinger, Washington D.C.

Kerri Grove (Caprioli)
Dissertation: Molecular Imaging for the Elucidation of Lipid and Protein Changes that Occur in Diabetic Nephropathy and Assessment of Drug Efficacy
Investigator at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Emeryville, CA

Stephen Jackson (Wright)
DNA-functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Enhanced Molecular Sensing
Research Chemist at the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA

Matthew O'Reilly (Lindsley)
Dissertation: Application of Organocatalysis to the Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Scaffolds; and Discover of Selective Phospholipase D Inhibitors with Optimized in Vivo Properties
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (Helen Blackwell)
Currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Amanda Doody (Johnston)
Dissertation: Synthetic Pursuit of the Tridecapeptide Feglymycin and the Manzamine Alkaloid Kauluamine
Lab Coordinator, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Jay Forsythe (McLean)
Dissertation: Advanced Strategies for Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility - Mass Spectrometry
Postdoctoral Research Associate Georgia Institute of Technology
Currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the College of Charleston

Daniel Hermanson (Marnett)
Dissertation: Substrate-selective inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2: Molecular determinants, probe development, and in vivo effects
Postdoctoral Research Associate Scripps Research Institute (B. Cravatt)            
Currently an Associate Application Scientist at Thermo-Fisher Scientific, La Jolla, CA

Kelly Hines (McLean)
Dissertation: Biomolecular Signatures of Disease via Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry Techniques
Staff Scientist at the Mayo Clinic
Senior Fellow at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Gabriel LeBlanc (Cliffel)
Dissertation: Biohybrid Electrodes Based on Photosystem I for Solar Energy Conversion
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Texas-Austin
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Tulsa

Marta Szulik (Stone)
Dissertation: Oxidation of Cytosine in DNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Utah

Christopher Gulka (Wright)
Dissertation: Gold as a Sensing Platform for Rapid Detection of Explosives and Malarial Biomarkers
Staff Scientist at Sofregen Medical, Medford, MA

Glenna Kramer (Bachmann)
Dissertation: Pharmacology and Chemical Probe Development of the K-26 Family of Natural Product Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme Inhibitors
Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Toronto

Liang Li (Stone)
Dissertation: Sequence Dependency of Structural Perturbations Induced By an Aflatoxin FAPY Lesion
Senior Scientist at Biosynthesis Inc.