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Glass Shop

The Vanderbilt Glassblowing Shop is operated by the chemistry department to provide scientific glassware design and fabrication. Both custom and standard glassware are available, at significantly reduced prices, for the scientific community at Vanderbilt University and surrounding research and teaching entities.

The Chemistry Glassblowing Shop is fully equipped to accommodate non-commercial design and fabrication of specialty scientific glassware. We have the capability to work with various types of glass such as Borosilicate, Quartz and Soft Glass.

Services offered: glass 3

  • Design and fabrication of new and unique laboratory glassware
  • Repair and/or modification of existing glassware
  • Consultation and/or assistance in designing special glassware

In addition, the glass shop can reduce your costs by producing standard catalog glassware, such as condensers, chromatography columns, reservoirs, traps, flasks, air free glassware and micro-scale glassware for organic teaching laboratories.

Why should I use the Vandy Glass Shop to make standard items available from other sources?

"Utilizing the chemistry glass shop for its custom glass design and production guarantees its availability for routine, cost- saving repair or modification of existing laboratory glassware."


For a free estimate of your glassware requirements, please contact Thomas Howe at the Chemistry Glass Shop:
(615) 322-2647