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Colloquium Schedule

The Chemistry Colloquium Series takes place on Zoom on Mondays from 4:15pm-5:30pm unless noted otherwise.

Date Speaker
Fall 2020
September 14, 2020 Prof. Zhibo Yang, University of Oklahoma
September 21, 2020 Prof. Travis Williams, University of Southern California
September 28, 2020 Prof. Steve Townsend, Vanderbilt University
October 12, 2020 Prof. Michael Neidig, University of Rochester
October 19, 2020 Prof. Aaron Aponick, University of Florida
October 26, 2020 Prof. David Martin, University of Iowa
November 12, 2020 THURSDAY Prof, Sadagopan Krishnan, Oklahoma State University
November 30, 2020 Prof. Tianning Diao, New York University
December 7, 2020 Prof. Candice Bridge, University of Central Florida