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At Vanderbilt, undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and faculty work together and with other leading national and international scientists. We build intellectual relationships across disciplines—working with the College of Arts and Science, the School of Engineering, and the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine—with particular emphasis on chemical biology, structural biology, molecular toxicology, materials chemistry, and nanotechnology.

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Chemistry Department Events (Week of April 15-19)

Chemistry Colloquium Series

Tuesday, April 16

Dr. James Mack, University of Cincinatti
"Developing Selective Reactions Under Mechanochemical Conditions"


Friday, April 19

 Dr. Jason Shear, University of Texas at Austin
"Biological 3D Printing: Strategies for Organizing and Interfacing with Model Cellular Systems"


Chemistry Forum Series

Thursday, April 18

Jenna DeSousa, Wright Research Group
 "Synthesis of CTAP-3 Ligand for Signal Amplification"


Jessica Paredes, Schey Research Group
"Age-Related Formation of DHA and DHB in Human Lenses and its Biological Consequences"