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FutureVU (Land Use Planning Initiative)

What is FutureVU?

Ensuring the Vanderbilt University campus is designed and prepared at every level to support its students, faculty and staff in their work each day to uphold the university’s mission and values is the aim of a comprehensive campus land use planning process named FutureVU, now underway. Launched in November 2015, the aim of FutureVU is to articulate a comprehensive vision for the university’s footprint and to provide a basis for campus stewardship that enhances the university’s mission.

A Framework for the Future

In June 2013, Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos launched an academic strategic planning process. This inclusive process synthesized input from the entire campus, including all ten colleges and schools. Through a bottom-up, faculty led approach, the effort included over 600 faculty formally and informally in the process. In total, well over 1,250 colleagues (faculty, staff, alumni, etc.) contributed to the process. The end result was a draft academic strategic plan that was approved by the Vanderbilt Board of Trust in June 2014. View an outline of the process and learn more about the Academic Strategic Plan > 

Looking forward, Vanderbilt’s land use plan (FutureVU) will support the academic strategic plan and focus on the following objectives:

  • Create standards for facilities and landscapes that embody our commitment to diversity and inclusion;
  • Improve the collegiate environment and fostering notable success of the College Halls experience;
  • Foster trans-institutional collaboration, result, and development;
  • Adopt an ethic of sustainability;
  • Foster community outreach and connectivity, and the “One Vanderbilt” principles of collaboration that are an important element of Vanderbilt’s uniqueness.

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