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Guiding Principles

Our Values, Our Institutional Identity

At Vanderbilt, we embrace the benefits of a broad-based liberal education within a highly active research environment.

We promote values of scholarship, leadership and collegiality in the pursuit of excellence in discovery and learning, and service within an engaged living-learning campus community.

We educate the whole student to prepare each to be active citizens that engage, question and forge positive change in our world.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and safe environment that embraces diversity and diverse perspectives.

We are One Vanderbilt, a uniquely synergistic collection of 10 colleges and schools on a geographically central university campus.

Based in these values, Interim Chancellor Susan R. Wente’s leadership objectives are focused on three guiding principles: trust, transparency and teamwork.


At Vanderbilt, we are grounded in trust; we make decisions based on feedback and evidence, and we hold one another accountable in our pursuit of excellence. To build on this trust, we must communicate at every level, in good times and in bad, and foster relationships and connections across the university.

Trust in Practice at Vanderbilt

Academic Strategic Plan

Women at Vanderbilt

Student Care Network




At Vanderbilt, we adhere to the principles of transparency and make our decisions, processes and procedures as clear as possible. We make every effort to engage the Vanderbilt community in the methods that drive and inform decisions at the university.

Transparency in Practice at Vanderbilt

Academic Strategic Plan


Shared Governance

Strong Foundations Annual Report




At Vanderbilt, we foster a cooperative and collegial community where faculty, staff and students reach across discipline boundaries to collectively support one another and share their expertise for the benefit of advancing learning and discovery while addressing society’s most pressing problems. We are a community that knows our strength lies in our diversity and truly values what others bring to the table.

Teamwork in Practice at Vanderbilt

Trans-Institutional Programs

Office for Inclusive Excellence

Immersion Vanderbilt

Opportunity Vanderbilt