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Biomedical Sciences Committee

Vanderbilt is an international leader in biomedical research, science, and education.  Our leadership in basic biomedical research also drives our trans-institutional strategy.  The progress we have made through excellence in departments and by leveraging across schools and departments is outstanding.

It is a testament to our distinguished faculty and our culture of collaboration and civility.   At the same time, we need to recognize that the past and current funding models, structures, and political environment are under considerable challenge and stress.  We also face disruption and change in our own university as we restructure VUMC into a separate financial entity.

Against this background we face challenges, but I also am firmly of the belief that we face new and exciting opportunities if we govern and invest together.  I am confident that Vanderbilt will continue to make major investments in biomedical research, education, and science. I am also confident that we will have the resources to do so, despite the many changes and challenges.  Our ongoing strategic planning process has identified key areas for investment which have already begun.  At the same time, we need more focus, and I need good counsel on a number of fronts as we govern together.

I have gathered a group of distinguished faculty to form a Biomedical Sciences Committee.  We will meet several times a semester in order to have productive conversation and sharing of ideas to meet the challenges we face.  We will engage the broader community, through town halls, retreats, or invited guests to join the discussion and decision making.