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Chancellor’s 'Dores of Distinction

In early 2017, Chancellor Zeppos convened the inaugural 'Dores of Distinction Alumni Advisory Board, a select group of Vanderbilt graduates to engage personally with leadership and the University community in examining our current course and envisioning our bright future. Having distinguished themselves in their careers, and shown a demonstrated ability to shape lives and the futures of their communities and our world, members of this new alumni group will offer candid perspective and valuable counsel to the chancellor.

“These individuals are exceptional citizens and proven leaders who are living out the timeless values of Vanderbilt and changing the world in their own unique ways,” Zeppos said. “Through this new initiative I hope to harness their impeccable expertise, energy and imagination to make our strategic vision exemplary and represent the broader community that we serve.”

The 'Dores of Distinction are graduates representing a variety of disciplines, and serve a minimum term of two years.

Meet the current Advisory Board members!



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